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DGG Uniform and Apparel is a national supplier of premium hospitality uniforms to hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise ships and restaurants of all types & sizes. We offer a wide selection with any from basic styles to more modern, fashionable uniforms. We can help you upgrade the image & attitude of your hospitality workforce. Our professional silk screen, embroidery and heat press services can work with you to create just the company image you are looking for.
Chef Designs
Successful kitchens build their reputations upon a satisfying mixture of artistry and excution.

A fusion of technology, craftsmanship and fresh thinking, Chef Designs is the perfect blend of form and function.

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Red kap

There are two kinds of workers in this world.

The ones who are happy to call their work good enough whenever the clock tells them it's okay to walk away. And those who wouldn't dream of putting their names on a job until they're certain, beyond any doubt, that the job has been done right.

The "done right" crowd — you're the people Red Kap is made for. You know who you are. You aren't afraid to dig a little deeper. Reach a little higher. Push a little harder. To make things right, whatever it takes.

Red Kap knows all about done right. They've been creating comfortable, durable workwear since starting out as a family business back in 1923. Today, Red Kap outfit 16 million Americans who apply their hands and hearts to all kinds of jobs.

This is real workwear made for those of you who do the real work.

Red Kap for Hotels and Food Service