Agency Purchasing

Preferred Group Custom Ordering Portals
Qualified agencies are eligible for a Custom Preferred Group Ordering Portal. Our customized ordering portals offer the following features:

  • See Exclusive Agency Pricing
  • Custom product lists, go directly to the products you order the most.
  • Restricted Product Offerings. (Group members see and many or as few products as you like.)
  • Ability to upload a logo or custom graphic (additional digitizing set up fees may apply)
  • Purchase orders for approved agencies.

If you would to set up a Preferred Group custom ordering portal for your agency or business please contact us us (866) 626-8273 or use or convenient Online Chat located in the bottom right of this page. It's simple and easy and there is no obligation or additional costs.

Purchase Orders
At DGG Uniform and Work Apparel we gladly accept purchase orders from qualified and approved Law Enforcement Agencies! All Purchase Orders must be on an official purchase order form, and must include a contact name and phone number. All information will be verified prior to an order being shipped. Approved purchase orders are eligible or Net-30 credit terms and are automatically classified as tax exempt. If you need any assistance or have questions, please call us at (866) 626-8273.

Set up an Agency Preferred Group or Agency Purchase Order Account
When submitting your Purchase Order be sure to include:

  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Tax ID number (Download W9 Form here)
  • DUNS Number(if applicable)
  • Ship To Name and Address
  • Bill To Name and Address
  • Desired Items and Quantities
  • Please include all necessary details for items such as size, color etc.
Purchase orders can be faxed to (904) 777-4802

You can also postal mail your purchase order to:

DGG Uniform & Work Apparel
Youngerman Court, Ste 305
Jacksonville, FL 32244

Via Email to:
Ordering and Tax Forms

We are always happy to give you a quote on large agency, company or organization purchases. Please call us at (866) 626-8273 if you need assistance. Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. A quote for individual items can be obtained online by clicking on the "Request Quote" button on the product detail page.
Federal Excise Tax Exemption Certificate

If your department is exempt from Federal Taxes you must complete this form. A form is required for each manufacturer whose products are ordered. This form is currently the only one authorized by B.A.T.F. Fax or mail the form along with your departmental order of Firearms or Ammunition. Your State Tax exemption can not be used for Federal Tax exemption purposes.

Smith & Warren Badge Order Form
This is the badge order form that must accompany every Smith & Warren badge order. Click Here to Download.